Two of the Best Crossbows on the Market

By Soren Patrick Xavier

Carbon Xtra CLS

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

Call this a work of art.

TenPoint’s Carbon Xtra CLS crossbow, great for both hunters and collectors, features an heirloom-quality laminated wood stock and woven carbon-fiber barrel. Continue reading


Before You Shoot

By Wendy Wilson 

Photos: John Hafner Photos courtesy of TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

It’s the start of archery season, but you haven’t pulled your crossbow out of its case since last year.

The bow’s cables appear strong, its screws remain in place and the scope and accessories look to be in working order, but it’s not ready to hit the woods until you perform some pre-season maintenance.

Although you should always follow your bow manufacturer’s instructions for specific details on how to maintain your crossbow, here are some tasks you should complete before you hit the trail to make sure your weapon is ready—and safe.  Continue reading