The 10 Percent Club

Joining the 10 Percent Club Guarantees Hunting Success … Here’s How to Become a Member 

Text and photos by Tracy Breen


In math, the difference between 10 and 90 is 80. In hunting, the difference between 10 and 90 is coming home with a meal or not.

In case you haven’t heard the “10 percent rule” in your hunting circle, it usually means that 10 percent of the hunters kill 90 percent of the animals. There is no scientific way to prove this, but the idea is that most serious hunters—who repeatedly tag whatever animal they are chasing—are the ones killing the animals. The remaining 90 percent of hunters, who are not as serious about the sport—either because they don’t take time or don’t have time to be serious—harvest only a small percentage of the animals. Continue reading