Two of the Best Crossbows on the Market

By Soren Patrick Xavier

Carbon Xtra CLS

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

Call this a work of art.

TenPoint’s Carbon Xtra CLS crossbow, great for both hunters and collectors, features an heirloom-quality laminated wood stock and woven carbon-fiber barrel.

However, the Carbon Xtra CLS goes beyond satisfying aesthetics; it also delivers impeccable performance.

With a draw weight of 185 pounds, this crossbow is able to fire at speeds of up to 345 feet per second, and its Compact Limb System helps make it a compact, yet powerful and deadly weapon.

Included in TenPoint’s premium $2,719 package is everything you need—and more, including its RangeMaster Pro Scope, ACUdraw cocking mechanism, a six-pack of Pro Elite Premium Hunter carbon-fiber arrows, and a travel and storage case, just to name a few items. TenPoint even includes an instructional DVD that features exciting, over-the-shoulder hunts to show you how it’s done.

The Carbon Xtra CLS is also available in a $2,619 package, with the ACUdraw 50 replacing the ACUdraw.

Stealth XLT

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies


TenPoint took its successful Turbo XLT and asked, “How can we make it better?” The result was the Stealth XLT, a new addition to the company’s 2011 lineup.

The Stealth XLT is directed toward those who want only the best in performance, accepting nothing less than top-notch power and accuracy. Notable is the crossbow’s radically compact design that features TenPoint’s integrated Xtreme Limb Technology. It measures 37.25 inches in length and only 17.5 inches wide.

The Stealth XLT also features a draw weight of 185 pounds. It generates 95.5 foot/pounds of kinetic energy and hurls projectiles at a maximum of 320 feet per second.

TenPoint offers two packages. Both include TenPoint’s RangeMaster Pro Scope, a deluxe 4-Arrow HX Quiver with disconnect lever, six-pack of TenPoint aluminum arrows with practice points, GripGuard safety shield, TenPoint Staff Shooter field cap, TenPoint vehicle window sticker and instructional DVD.

For $1,119, you receive the Stealth XLT with all of the above, as well as the ACUdraw 50 cocking mechanism; or you can move up to the ACUdraw for a total package price of $1,219.


The full story is in the Crossbows Fall 2011 issue.



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