Gear Guide


Crossbones/Crossbow Ground Blind

When you’re in the field for hours at a time, it’s nice to have a place to rest your crossbow while you’re waiting for your prey to come into view.

Ameristep has extended its product line to include the Crossbones/Crossbow Ground Blind. The hub-style ground blind was designed specifically for the crossbow hunter who can enjoy multiple rest options to steady his or her shot, including a multi-position, window bench-style and a hanging cradle-rest system. Comprised of Durashell Plus fabric, which eliminates excess noise with its quiet, weatherproof and wear-resistant material, the blind’s construction is rugged, durable, and provides excellent stability and easy set up. 

Other blind features include a crossbow holder, custom-pack carry system, window design for shooting at a downward angle with no obstruction, variable elevated or ground-level positioning, possible use with Ameristep’s Vantage Point Quad Pod (sold separately) and camo-zipper window design for multiple-window variation.

The blind is offered in Realtree AP HD camo. It measures 71 inches shooting width by 62 inches height, and weighs 16 pounds. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $199. For more information about Ameristep’s products, contact:; 810.686.4035.

Kodiak Ladder Stand

For those looking for a ladder stand with a little extra room for comfort and storage, the Kodiak Ladder Stand from Ameristep may be for you.

Rugged and solid, the Ladder Stand measures 17 1/2 feet tall and is rated for 300 pounds. It includes a padded, flip-up camo safety rail that can also be used as a gun rest, as well as comfort features, such as a flip-up footrest and large, padded seat with backrest.

Other features of the Kodiak Ladder Stand include heavy-duty fully welded steel construction, padded armrests, a large 25×24-inch platform, wide 12.5×26-inch seat dimensions, and a TMA-approved full-body safety harness. The seat comes in two-tone Realtree AP HD or black. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $199.99. For more information about Ameristep’s products, contact:; 810.686.4035.


 Thunderhead Edge Broadhead

New Archery Products unveils the Thunderhead Edge, its newest broadhead. Featuring an exclusive straight/serrated Bone Saw, the deep-set blade with the company’s Trophy Tip, slices through hide and flesh and saws through bone. The micro-grooved pro ferrules, made from aircraft aluminum, give the Edge accuracy and penetration. The new offset, replaceable and stainless steel Diamize blades produce gaping entry and exit holes for massive blood trails.

The Edge does not require a lock ring, O-rings or UBARS. It comes fully assembled and ready to shoot. The Thunderhead Edge comes available in 100-grain three-packs with a blade thickness of 0.03 inch and a cutting diameter of 1 1/8 inches. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $34.99. For more information about New Archery Products’ lineup, contact:; 800.323.1279.

HellRazor Broadhead

New Archery Products releases its new one-piece welded cut-on-cut broadhead, the HellRazor. Available in 100- and 125-grain weights with a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter, the HellRazor’s blades, which can be resharpened, actually create the broadhead tip. This cut-on-contact, one-piece broadhead was developed for bowhunters demanding performance in flight and penetration for their high-speed bows. The company’s patent-pending Photo Blade Bonding fuses the 0.04-inch super-thick, cutlery-grade stainless steel blades together to create strength and accuracy. For more information about New Archery Products’ lineup, contact:; 800.323.1279.

Spitfire Maxx Broadhead

The new Spitfire Maxx broadhead, made by New Archery Products, is an expandable broadhead that features a cut-on-contact blade tip, as well as precision tolerances, and a patented snap-lock blade retention system with no O-rings or rubber bands. At impact, the Spitfire Maxx cuts clean, then three razor-sharp Diamize expandable blades open smoothly to a 1 3/4-inch cutting diameter. Both main blades and the cut-on-contact are replaceable. Boosting the arrow flight and accuracy of the Spitfire Maxx is its micro-grooved ferrule, a surface that serves to stabilize airflow over the broadhead during flight. The blade thickness is 0.027 inch, and it is available in 100 grains. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a three pack is $39.99. For more information about New Archery Products’ lineup, contact:; 800.323.1279.


Echo HD Electronic Call

Featuring 100 high-definition pre-loaded calls, the Echo HD from Flextone Game Calls is an electronic call that features realistic animal sounds. It can even be programmed for your particular hunting scenario.

The Echo HD is made up of a base unit with high-quality directional speakers, giving the perception of animals in their natural habitat. A handheld remote activator is included and used to turn on the device from up to 300 yards away. The remote comes with a docking station in the base unit for recharging. Both the base and the remote come with an easy-to-use, backlit LCD interface for quick sound selection and easy viewing at night.

Quiet, water-resistant, and rubber-coated, the 3-pound Echo HD can weather most scenarios in the field. It comes with rechargeable batteries and a lanyard for easy transport. For more information on Flextone Game Calls’ products, contact:; 866.995.4263.

Buck Commander Rut Hunter

Looking To Fire-Up Your Hunting Game?

Flextone Game Calls’ Buck Commander Rut Hunter allows you to produce desperate doe estrous bleats, effective buck grunts, and authoritative growls with ease. Flextone’s technology produces a more natural sound by mimicking the soft, flexible tissue of a deer’s neck, mouth and tongue.

The large ported exhaust bell on the Buck Commander Rut Hunter gives this call the volume and natural sound to lure pre-rut, rutting and post-rut bucks into range. The Buck Commander Rut Hunter is simple to use. For hard-core buck grunts and growls, just blow into the call without squeezing the barrel. To produce desperate does’ estrous bleats and bawls, just squeeze the “D” button on the barrel while blowing. The outer material is soft, so no loud noises are made to spook game if it accidently contacts your gun or bow. For more information on Flextone Game Calls’ products, contact:; 866.995.4263.

Mimic HD Electronic Call

Flextone Game Calls releases a new handheld electronic call—the Mimic HD. Projecting crystal-clear sound that gives natural-sounding calls, the unit comes loaded with 40 high-definition game calls that are categorized for easy use. They include bird distress, cat, coyote, crow, fox, hog, mouse, owl, rabbit, raccoon, squirrel and whitetail deer.

A directional call with powerful speakers, the Mimic HD’s programming console incorporates clear, concise navigation of call categories, fingertip volume control, a blue-backlit LCD display, and battery-charge level indicator. It features an ergonomic design for easy grip and is water-resistant for inclement hunting conditions. A rubber-coated lanyard allows hunters to hang the call from any backpack.

The rubber-coated Mimic HD requires three AA alkaline batteries (not included). Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $39.99. For more information on Flextone Game Calls’ products, contact:; 866.995.4263.


UNIT Infrared Digital Zoom Video Recorder

Stealth Cam LLC unveils the new UNIT, a micro-sized 640×480-pixel video trail camera designed to be easy to conceal in the woods. Its small size and light weight makes it simple to transport and set up. New features allow it to compress video more effectively and be used with in greater number of network environments. The UNIT features audio capabilities and also records 8-megapixel still images.

The company includes digital video stamping with the UNIT, which allows the user to review the captured video by monitoring the time, date, and temperature and moon phases of the footage. This technology becomes a valuable scouting tool for hunters looking to maximize their time monitoring deer activity 24/7.

It captures nighttime images using 38 IR (infrared) emitters with range control. The new microprocessor optimizes trigger time, and when using the company’s patented Burst Mode Technology, trigger gap time is also reduced. The UNIT captures between one and nine images per triggering, and it has 2X or 4X digital zoom to enhance games’ features.

The UNIT accepts a 16-GB SD card, and operates on eight AA alkaline cell batteries or is capable of operating on one 12V pack for longer life. The UNIT measures 6 inches long, 4 inches high, and 3 inches wide. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $199. For more information about Stealth Cam LLC’s products, contact:; 877.269.8490.

EPIC HD Digital Video Camera

Stealth Cam LLC offers a lightweight, digital, high-definition video camera designed to capture hunting, fishing, shooting and other outdoor activities and post them online. Weighing just 3 ounces, the new Epic HD can be mounted virtually anywhere. The Epic’s SD-compatible memory can record up to 200 minutes of video at 30 frames per second and audio. It also doubles as an 8-megapixel camera with Burst Mode Technology for multiple still images.

The Epic’s features also include HD 1280×720 digital video with three resolution settings, H.264 video compression, a 168-degree wide-angle lens, 4X digital zoom, is 16GB SD memory card acceptable, a 10- to 30-second timer, an audible guide, upside-down mode, and USB out. It operates on three AAA alkaline cell batteries. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $269. For more information about Stealth Cam LLC’s products, contact:; 877.269.8490.


Crossbow Bolt Case, Compact Arrow Case

MTM Molded Products introduces its new compact arrow cases: the Crossbow Bolt Case and the Ultra Compact Arrow Case. Ideal for soft bow-case pockets, the cases are available in black or clear smoke. They feature a stackable design, and when purchased in clear smoke, large windows at either end present an unobstructed view of the arrows inside. Notched foam padding keeps arrows secure and separated. Two snap-over latches and double-padlock tabs ensure security.

The Crossbow Bolt Case measures 24×5.9×3 inches; it holds bolts up to 23 inches in total length. The Ultra Compact Arrow Case measures 33×5.9×3 inches; it holds arrows up to 32 inches in total length. For more information about MTM Molded Products, contact:; 937.890.7461.


Turbo XLT Crossbow

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies introduces the new Turbo XLT. The Turbo XLT employs well-conceived engineering concepts and manufacturing techniques to deliver high-end performance and functionality at an attractive price.

The Turbo XLT evolved from TenPoint’s premium CLS or Compact Limb System models. The XLT (Xtreme Limb Technology) design’s most noticeable feature is a radically compact bow assembly, which spans a mere 13 1/2 inches from axle to axle when cocked.

The Turbo XLT design differs from the CLS concept in several ways: The Turbo XLT riser is lighter, has more acutely angled limb pockets, and is fitted with 11-inch, rather than 12-inch, ISO Taper limbs. And, unlike the one-piece CLS riser and foot stirrup, the Turbo XLT riser comes with a detachable, lightweight, coated-aluminum foot stirrup. The Turbo XLT is fitted with high-performance MR Cams and Ultra-Cam string, and cables with tunable yokes. This sleek and maneuverable 180-pound draw-weight power plant delivers a relatively heavy 420-grain arrow at 315 fps, generating 92 1/2 ft-lbs of kinetic energy.

The lightweight riser and foot stirrup with shorter limbs, along with a lightweight, molded Vertron stock and barrel assembly, allows the crossbow to weigh in at a very comfortable 7 pounds, 11 ounces. Together, the bow and stock assembly make a balanced crossbow with fit and functionality.

Like all TenPoint models, the Turbo XLT also features TenPoint’s patented DFI (Dry-Fire Inhibitor) and TenPoint’s 3 1/2-pound patented Power Touch 10 trigger. Equipped with either the ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50, TenPoint’s patented automated cocking units, the Turbo XLT is finished in Mossy Oak’s new Break Up Infinity. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $999 with ACUdraw; $899 with ACUdraw 50. For more information about TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ products, contact:; 800.548.6837.

Wicked Ridge Crossbows

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies unveils a new breed of crossbows under the brand name Wicked Ridge Crossbows. Designed to be simple, reliable and affordable, Wicked Ridge is committed to manufacturing products that outperform the competitors’ similarly priced crossbows.

The Wicked Ridge product line consists of two crossbows and several accessories. Leading the way is the Invader crossbow. Generating devastating speed and dead-center accuracy, the Invader sports a 180-pound draw weight, creating shooting speeds of 305 fps. The package includes the new ACU-52 integrated, self-retracting rope-cocking system, Ridge-Dot 40mm, multi-dot scope, and a six-arrow quiver. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $499.

The second model, the Warrior, offers a lighter draw weight of 165 pounds while shooting at 285 fps. This product provides a cost-effective yet precision-performance alternative to its more powerful counterpart, the Invader. The Warrior package includes the Ridge-Dot 40mm multi-dot scope and a six-arrow quiver. The bow is also designed to accept the addition of an ACU-52 integrated, self-retracting rope-cocking system. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $399.

All Wicked Ridge Crossbows are covered by a five-year warranty. Customers can expect the same customer service that TenPoint Crossbow Technologies has been providing for years. For more information Wicked Ridge Crossbows’ products, contact:; 330.628.9245.


Hybrid EX Behind-the-Ear

Walker’s introduces its new Hybrid EX Behind-the-Ear hearing-enhancement and protection. Built around an eight-channel high-definition digital platform, the Hybrid EX features Gore-Tex technology to protect against the elements. All its circuits are hermetically sealed and have stainless steel battery contacts for durability and reliability. The EX is 30-percent smaller than the original Hybrid BTE and uses a nearly invisible acoustical tube for a slim and discrete profile.

Combined with an automatic 16-bit graphic equalizer, environmental noise suppression, and advanced feedback-canceling algorithms, the Hybrid EX also features four different listening modes: general, crowds/meetings, music/theater, and nature, for a variety of listening environments.

The Hybrid EX comes equipped with volume control and mid-setting audio beep for fast calibration. The unit can be worn in quiet or normal listening environments as an “open fit” device; in louder environments, it can be worn with the soft, foam tip. The Hybrid EX provides a +24 dB noise-reduction rating. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $899.95. For more information about Walker’s products, contact:; 877.269.8490.



Triple Eight Professional introduces the RhinoKnife, a durable and compact knife rugged enough to field-dress an elk. The company’s tools are fixed folding blades that carry like folders. Weighing in at 2 ounces, the small but powerful knife that comes with a pocket clip can be used as an everyday carry tool. It is engineered to deliver great amounts of leverage and cutting power in a tool the size of a car key when folded.

Designed by master knifemaker Kirk Rexroat, the RhinoKnife can also be used as a general-duty knife between hunting seasons. You can use it to open boxes, bottles or paint cans with ease.

The RhinoKnife features AUS8 exotic steel that does not rust, is easy to sharpen, and holds an edge. The scales and clips are made from 420 stainless steel. Measuring 3 inches when closed, the knife opens up to 4 1/4 inches when open. The blade’s length is 1 1/4 inches. The knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $34.95. For more information about Triple Eight Professional’s products, contact:; 858.382.0055.


High-Output Trigger Sprayer

Applying Wildlife Research Center’s Super-Charged Scent Killer is easier, thanks to the company’s new High-Output Trigger Sprayer. It features a more durable design and delivers a higher volume of product with each stroke. The comfortable, ergonomic fit results in less finger fatigue, allowing a consistent coverage pattern. The sprayer also comes equipped with a shutoff to prevent leaking during transport. The High-Output Trigger Sprayers are available with the 12-ounce field bottles that are included with the Super-Charged Scent Killer quart combo.

The company recommends that hunters pre-treat their hunting clothes with Super-Charged Scent Killer, allow them to dry, and then store them in an airtight container until used. The product, which is designed to combat odors at a molecular level, works both wet and dry. It kills human and foreign odors on contact. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Super-Charged Scent Killer quart combo with the High-Output Trigger Sprayer is $19.99. For more information about Wildlife Research Center’s products, contact:; 763.427.3350.

Scent Killer Body Wash and Shampoo

Wildlife Research Center introduces its new all-in-one Scent Killer Body Wash and Shampoo. Designed to eliminate a hunter’s scent and bring odor levels down to a point where they are undetectable, the body wash and shampoo features Anti-Odor, a special formula that attacks human odor. The body wash and shampoo also include moisturizers, making it gentle on a hunter’s skin and hair.

The company recommends hunters wash their entire body and shampoo their hair with the product, thoroughly rinse, and then dry themselves with a properly conditioned washcloth and towel that have been washed in Scent Killer Clothing Wash. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a 12-ounce bottle of the body wash and shampoo is $6.99. For more information about Wildlife Research Center’s products, visit; 763.427.3350.

Super Charged Scent Killer Power Pack

Hunters have been asking for a bigger put-up of Wildlife Research Center’s Super Charged Scent Killer, and the company has delivered. The new Super Charged Scent Killer Power Pack features a super-sized 66 ounces of product in one package. The Power Pack includes an ergonomic pistol grip and is equipped with the company’s Super Premium High-Output Sprayer. The 24-ounce sprayer nests inside the Scent Killer’s specially molded 42-ounce refillable bottle, providing optimal space savings.

The company recommends that hunters pre-treat their hunting clothes with Super-Charged Scent Killer, allow them to dry, and then store them in an airtight container until used. The product, which is designed to combat odors at a molecular level, works both wet and dry. It kills human and foreign odors on contact. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $27.99. For more information about Wildlife Research Center’s products, visit; 763.427.3350.


Red Dot Crossbow Sight

Truglo announces that its Red Dot crossbow sight is available for purchase. The sight has a three-dot crossbow reticle and is available in 25mm or 30mm. The Red Dot is waterproof, and its fog-proof, multi-coated lens comes in black or RealTree APG-HD camo patterns. It features an 11-position rheostat for brightness control, click windage, and elevation adjustments, integrated Weaver-style mounting system, unlimited eye relief, and a wide field of view.

An all-weather product, the 30mm model includes an integrated lanyard system to prevent loss of screw-down windage or elevation caps, see-through flip-up lens caps, and optical quality.

The Red Dot crossbow sight measures 3.82 inches and weighs 7.9 ounces. It features power/objective lens of 1X30mm, parallax setting of greater than 25 yards, has a click value of 1 inch at 100 yards, a range adjustment of 40 inches at 100 yards, 5 MOA, and runs on a CR2032 battery. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. For more information about Truglo’s products, contact:; 972.774.0300.


 Hot-Scrape Mock Scrape Kit

Scrape hunting is one of the most effective ways to harvest quality whitetail bucks, and the Wildlife Research Center has launched a new product called the Hot-Scrape Mock Scrape Kit, to attract the deer in two steps. First, hunters use the Hot-Scrape Mock Scrape Conditioner to remove unwanted odors from the mock scrape and add a fresh-scraped earth smell. Then, hunters use the Hot-Scrape Mock Scrape Activator to activate the mock scrape by adding a combination of odors, including buck smells, doe smells, and other key elements found in natural scrapes. The company recommends the product be used with its Scrape-Dripper, which adds fresh scent to the scrape every day.

The kit includes a 24-ounce Mock Scrape Conditioner with a high-output trigger-spray bottle and an 8-ounce Scrape Activator with a squirt-top bottle. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $19.99. For more information about Wildlife Research Center’s products, contact:; 763.427.3350.

Rut’N Apples Oat Raged Powder

Evolved Habitats introduces Rut’N Apples Oat Raged Powder, its newest wildlife nutritional product designed to attract and hold wildlife in your management area. Featuring the taste of ripe apples, the Rut’N Apples Oat Raged blends 100-percent real apples and 100-percent real oats, making this ready-to-use product naturally effective. For more information about Evolved Habitats’ products, contact:; 225.638.4094.

Manufacturer Directory

Ameristep Inc.

Dept. Crossbow

901 Tacoma Court

P.O. Box 189

Clio, MI 48420

Fax: 810.686.7121


Evolved Habitats

Dept. Crossbow

3849 Plaza Tower Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70816



Wildgame Innovations (Flextone Game Calls)

Dept. Crossbow

101 Cason Road, First Floor

P.O. Box 1048

Broussard, LA 70518

Fax: 337.839.6269


MTM Molded Products Co.

Dept. Crossbow

3370 Obco Court

Dayton, OH 45414


New Archery Products

Dept. Crossbow

7500 Industrial Drive

Forest Park, IL 60130

Fax: 708.488.2515



Stealth Cam LLC

Dept. Crossbow

P.O. Box 539504

Grand Prairie, TX 75053



TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

Dept. Crossbow

1325 Waterloo Road

Suffield, OH 44260


Triple Eight Professional

Dept. Crossbow

4653 Carmel Mountain Road, Ste. 308-419

San Diego, CA 92130

Fax: 858.793.7994



Truglo Inc.

Dept. Crossbow

710 Presidential Drive

Richardson, TX 75081

Fax: 972.774.0323



Dept. Crossbow

P.O. Box 535189

Grand Prairie, TX 75053



Wicked Ridge Crossbows

Dept. Crossbow

1325 Waterloo Road

Suffield, OH 44260


Wildlife Research Center

Dept. Crossbow

14485 Azurite St. NW

Ramsey, MN 55303


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