A Trip Back Into Time

Example of pushcha forest from Wikimedia Commons.

Ever wonder what it was really like to hunt hundreds of years ago? A recent article in Outside Magazine will spark your imagination.

Twenty-five years after civilization vacated a huge swatch of land around the Chernobyl nuclear plant, the wilderness is back.

From Outside: “Russia is a land of forests, but the true forest, the primeval untouched forest that human eyes may never even have seen, is called pushcha—which roughly translates as “dense forest.” This is what has been reestablishing itself at Chernobyl, regenerating at an unprecedented rate.”

Animals mentioned: gray wolves, brown bears, elk, roe deer, lynx, foxes, barsuks (a Ukrainian badger), red deer, and —wild boar — the boar herds can have as many as 50 animals.

Read the article here.


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