3 Reasons to Love Crossbows

The Thunderhead Edge from New Archery Products is just one example of how far crossbow technology has come in recent years.

Crossbows are amazing. Far from the medieval weapons of yesteryear, contemporary crossbows are sophisticated high-tech tools. Whether used for hunting big game or merely refining your crossbow shooting accuracy, these beauties have come a long way. But there’s more to success with these tools than weapon, arrow or bolt, and hitting the sweet spot (your target). For a growing army of enthusiasts, crossbows are a way of life—a relentless passion. With training and practice, they can help almost anyone hit the sweet spot in many areas of life. Briefly, here’s how.

Crossbows Inspire

Like mastering a musical instrument, when you practice using crossbows, they can inspire you to achieve a high degree of proficiency. Through education, training and experience, crossbow shooting can lift you to desired horizons in many areas of life. For example, if you can shoot a crossbow with consistent accuracy, you can master your chosen career. If you can shoot a bull’s-eye using a bolt or an arrow, you can hit the mark in your social life.

Crossbows Elevate

As most seasoned sportsmen know, precision and discipline are closely related. Both require careful planning coupled with deliberate action. When you accomplish something that involves specific high standards, you can bet your achievement wasn’t accidental. Add precision to discipline, and the result is elevated knowledge, skill and character.

Crossbows Motivate

Effective crossbow shooting ideally involves in-depth education and thorough training. Therefore, these sophisticated weapons will motivate you in multiple endeavors. When critical thinking, self-mastery, and impeccable character are on board—the kind resulting from many hours of crossbow shooting—you’ll be motivated to succeed in whatever you do.

So sit back, take a few well-deserved minutes, and enjoy this special issue on crossbows. Check out the dozens of new products featured, expert advice, and topnotch photos. They’re all at your fingertips. If you’re like me, and thousands of other crossbow enthusiasts, or if this is your first peek at these fascinating implements, you won’t be able to put this collectors issue down.

No doubt you’ll want to reap all the richness that accompanies crossbow shooting. Whatever your pleasure, no matter what your goals, be sure to grow in this remarkable avocation. Gain a greater knowledge of crossbows and all that goes with them. But most important, enjoy. And as you do, you’ll surely hit the sweet spot.

By Loren Frank

Simple crossbow skills, such as cocking, should never be underestimated.


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